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Tumor Model Compendium

Models for testing the efficacy of anti-cancer agents.


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    Cancer Types

    image/svg+xml parotid gland adipose tissue heart smooth muscle brain breast adrenal gland pancreas liver colon lymph node bone marrow skeletal muscle ovary leukocyte blood artery B cell T cell natural killer cell monocyte platelet bladder stomach duodenum esophagus gall bladder spleen small intestine placenta salivary gland endometrium fallopian tube uterus uterine cervix vagina aorta nerve pituitary gland atrial appendage ectocervix gastroesophageal junction hippocampus hippocampus caecum appendix ileum left atrium left ventricle pulmonary valve mitral valve diaphragm pleura bone cartilage bronchus trachea lung throat rectum nasal septum nasal pharynx oral cavity tongue tonsil eye retina cerebellum cerebellar hemisphere prefrontal cortex frontal cortex nose temporal lobe cerebral cortex amygdala kidney renal cortex coronary artery submandibular gland tricuspid valve thyroid gland skin
    image/svg+xml human body features 2009-05-27 Sjef text : Kevin (tsaitgaist) REDON cerebral cortex pleura brain heart thyroid gland adrenal gland lymph node bone marrow adipose tissue skeletal muscle leukocyte frontal cortex temporal lobe prefrontal cortex pituitary gland atrial appendage aorta coronary artery gastroesophageal junction left ventricle hippocampus hippocampus caecum ileum rectum nose tongue left atrium pulmonary valve mitral valve penis vas deferens seminal vesicle testis epididymis eye nasal septum oral cavity tonsil nasal pharynx lung spinal cord amygdala trachea throat bronchus